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Italian Wash, Leeds, Utah

The Italian Wash runs from the Pine Valley Mountains down through Silver Reef and under Interstate I15 just north of Leeds, Utah. From there this flow runs south, generally paralleling the Babylon Road, 900N. It then empties into the Grapevine Wash which in turn empties into the Virgin River near the old Stormont Mill.

Access to this upper section is from a parking lot across from where the Babylon Road leaves Road 228, N Main Street. From this parking lot walk south a short distance to a concrete culvert under I 15.

On January 29 we travelled 1.6 miles west through the Grapevine Wash and then exited the wash and returned to the parking lot via the Silver Reef road system for a total distance of 4.3 miles.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 4.3 miles – moderate
Elevation gain: 200 feet – easy
Terrain: Wet rocky wash – easy
Exposure: none – easy

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

If travelling north-east on Interstate I15, take exit 22 onto S Main Street in Leeds, Utah and proceed north-east through Leeds. If travelling south-west on Interstate I15 take exit 23, turn left on Silver Reef Drive going under I15 to N Main Street and turn left heading north-east.

Travel north-east out of Leeds on N Main Street, Road 228, to gravel road 900 N, the Babylon Road, which is marked with a brown sign. Park on the west side of N Main Street across from the Babylon Road.

The Italian Wash runs under Road 228 and Interstate I15 just south of the parking lot.

Italian Wash Parking

Italian Wash Parking

The Trail

Follow the Italian Wash south from the parking lot about 200 feet and then west through the culvert under I15.

The wash traverses private land where horses are kept and you may find horses in the wash.

After 1/4 mile there is a short section of the wash that is fenced off for livestock control. Here you can bypass this fenced area by climbing out of the wash on the north side, travelling about 300 feet along the bank, and then reentering.

The route passes through a short rock section, then, at 0.9 miles, through and below the Eldorado Subdivision of Silver Reef, then, at 1.4 miles, through a concrete culvert under Canyon Creek Drive, and then through a shallower section with many alders impeding your path. We stopped here.

Italian Wash Trail - Returning by Silver Reef

Italian Wash Trail – Returning by Silver Reef

These are some of the pictures that we took.