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Beaver Dam Mountain Road

The Beaver Dam Mountain Road traverses the Beaver Dam Mountains between Cedar Pocket and highway 91 west of the town of Beaver Dam.

This road passes through some beautiful country including an extensive Joshua Tree forest.

Getting There

Exit Interstate highway I15 at Cedar Pockets Arizona in the Virgin River Gorge. At the Cedar Pockets junction take the paved and gravel road west.

The Road

The road runs west to an elevated location about 3.5 miles from Cedar Pocket. From here the road runs in a southerly direction downward to Highway 91 a distance of about 6 miles. At this point we turned around and traveled back to Cedar Pockets.

The road is a fairly well maintained gravel surface. An ATV or 4 wheeled high clearance vehicle is advisable.

Beaver Dam Mountain Road

Pictures taken along the road in March 2017.