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Dalton Wash, Zion

The road to Dalton Wash travels north from SR9 just east of Virgin, Utah. This gravel road takes you to the top of a mesa from where you can access the western wilderness of Zion National Park by following Dalton Wash into the park interior.

This wash joins several other washes where you can spend a full day or more exploring. On November 25, 2012 we went about 1/3 mile down Dalton Wash and climbed a prominent hill north of the Dalton Wash from which we could get views of the valley. On December 20, 2012 we travelled the length of Dalton Wash to Coalpits Wash and came back to SR9 through Coalpits Wash.

Getting There

The road to Dalton Wash leaves SR9 1.3 miles east of the Kolob Terrace Road in Virgin, Utah. Turn north off SR9 onto the signed moderately rough gravel road.

After 1.8 miles you reach an intersection. Turn left as the road to the right is on private land and is gated. After another 1.7 miles you reach a narrow steep road that travels up to the top of the mesa. On top, drive straight ahead on a rough muddy road to a parking lot at the Zion boundary 4.7 miles from the turnoff on SR9.

For a one page printout of the directions click Directions to Dalton Wash

The Trail

Directions to Dalton WashThe trail to Dalton Wash starts at the parking lot at the boundary to Zion and travels east and downhill until you drop into the shallow Dalton Wash. This wash continues downhill between a 300 foot hill to the north and the 700 foot high Crater Hill to the south.

There are many pieces of petrified wood along the trail to Dalton Wash. Within the wash there are several large petrified tree trunks protruding from the side of the wash.

At about 1/3 mile from the parking lot we climbed the hill to the north to get views of the valley below and the distant Zion mountains.

Dalton Wash gradually runs down to a low elevation section of Zion and then feeds into the Coalpits Wash which eventually drains to the Virgin River south of SR9 near Rockville.

Here are some of the pictures we took on November 25, 2012.

Here are some of the pictures we took on December 20, 2012.