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Dino Cliffs Trail

The Dino Cliffs Trail travels along the low red cliffs just north of Washington City. The trail itself is short (1.8 miles), but there is a long hike to get to the start of the trail and also a long trek back from the end. The Dino Trail is 1.8 miles long but the total trail distance as a loop out and back is 4.3 miles.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = moderate

Distance: 4.3 miles return – moderate
Elevation gain: 300 feet – easy
Terrain: wide trail mainly on slick rock – easy
Exposure: some steep places including a steep sand hill to ascend to the return road – moderate

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

Take exit 13 off Interstate I15 and turn north. Park along Buena Vista Boulevard just off the Interstate and take the main Prospector Trail which heads northeast out of the parking area.

Parking area off I15 exit 13

For a one page printout of the directions to this trail click Directions Dino Cliffs

The Trail

To get to the Dino Cliffs Trail hike northeast out of the parking area along the main Prospector Trail for about 1 mile.

At this point you will come to a trail heading up a small hill to the left. This is the start of the Dino Cliffs Trail. This branch may or may not have a sigh indicating this is the Dino Cliffs Trail. Take this trail up the hill to a flat area of slick rock. This trail crosses slick rock heading west for about 1.8 miles. The first part of the trail is not well marked as it is on a wide area of rock but once you find the trail to the west it is clearly marked from there.

This trail traverses along a wide red rock plateau beside a series of red rock cliffs to the north. There are some short steep hills along the trail but should not prove difficult to navigate.

You will know when you are at the end of the trail when the main trail comes to a long steep sand hill. Hike up this hill to the main road which eventually takes you back to the starting point.

At the bottom of the sand hill to the left is a small trail running down the wash to the south. This is marked no entry at this point. But many hikers take this trail along the wash to the start as this is quite a bit shorter. If the wash is clear you may see dinosaur tracks along this wash.

Dino Cliffs Trail

Here are some of the pictures we took on the trail.