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Dinosaur Tracks – Babylon

There are two areas down the Babylon Road in Hurricane where there are a number of dinosaur tracks that are quite accessible.

The first area is near the Historic Babylon Trail parking area. These tracks are in steeply bedded brownish red sandstone with moderately deep impressions. The largest tracks we noted were about 16 inches long and 10 inches wide.

Further down the road towards the Virgin River there is another set of similar sized tracks but with much deeper impressions in a whitish steeply bedded rock. These tracks were either from a heavier animal or the ground they were walking on was softer than the above ones.

These latter tracks are found along crack lines in the rock indicating that when the silver reef pushed up this area, the rock cracked along the weak points where the deep track depressions were earlier made by the dinosaurs.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: <0.1 miles - easy Elevation gain: <100 feet - easy Terrain: Fairly steep sloping rock terrain - easy Exposure: Easy up but more difficult going down -easy To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

If travelling north-east on Interstate I15, take exit 22 onto S Main Street in Leeds, Utah and proceed north-east through Leeds. If travelling south-west on Interstate I15 take exit 23, turn left on Silver Reef Drive going under I15 to N Main Street and turn left heading north-east.

Travel north-east out of Leeds to gravel road 900 N which is marked with a brown sign. This road veers south into Babylon and ultimately ends at the historic Stormont Silver Mill on the Virgin River, a distance of 4.3 miles.

For the first set of tracks park at the Historic Babylon Trailhead located at the foot of the long steep hill down the cliffs.

The second set is a further 0.5 miles down the road and is accessed from a small road/parking place on the right.

Road from Leeds down the Babylon Road

Directions to the two Track Locations

For a one page printout of the directions to this trail click Directions to Dinosaur Tracks – Babylon

Road Condition

The first 3 miles of the 900N road is fairly rough and quite sandy. This part of the road can be sand covered in places making it difficult to return as the return is uphill.

The main road then continues on to the Virgin River and the historic Stormont Silver Mill. This part of the road is steep and rocky and requires a high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle or ATV.

The Tracks

From the Historic Babylon Trail parking area, the first set of tracks are about 50 yards north along the base of the hill. There are three prominent triangular beds of gravel and the tracks are along the upper edge of the most northerly bed.

The second set of tracks are to the right of where you park and a few feet from the parking area. Look for the triangular steep bedded white sandstone hill.

These are some of the pictures that we took.