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Harpers Corner, Dinosaur NM

Harpers Corner is one of the most scenic places in the United States. Located in Dinosaur National Monument near the northern Utah and Colorado border, this wilderness spot is well worth the visit.

The overlook is located at the end of a fairly level 1 mile hike.

The trail ends at a fenced in point where the ridge is only a few meters wide and the views stretch for 360°. About 2500 feet below are three canyon systems each leading into remote, inaccessible terrain.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 2 miles total – easy
Elevation gain: Terrain: solid wide gravel trail – easy
Exposure: some exposure to heights and drop-offs – moderate
To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

From Vernal, Utah, travel 34 miles east on route 40 crossing into Colorado to the small town of Dinosaur. The road to the Dinosaur National Monument branches north 2 miles east of Dinosaur.

Harpers Corner road traverses through a rolling landscape of distant cliffs and treeless plateaus finally reaching the trailhead after 30 miles. The road ends on a narrowing ridge, 7,625 feet elevation, with great views of the Green River as it flows west and enters Whirlpool Canyon.

Road to Harpers Corner in Dinosaur National Monument

Road to Harpers Corner in Dinosaur National Monument

The Trail

The trail follows a fairly level ridge out to a promontory high above the Green river and canyons. The distance is 1 mile each way.


Topographical Map of Harpers Corner Trail

Bing Overhead View of Harpers Corner and Steamboat Rock

Bing Overhead View of Harpers Corner and Steamboat Rock

Here are some pictures of the river and canyons.