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Horse Valley, Rockville, Utah

This trail follows the Horse Valley upstream to a beautiful double waterfall at the end of a box canyon. The valley is fairly broad until the last third when the sides start to close in. This upper portion is the most scenic.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy/moderate

Distance: 4.7 miles total – moderate
Elevation gain: 200 feet but with many ups and downs on the route – easy
Terrain: Dirt, rocks, sand, water, and mud – moderate
Exposure: none – easy

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

Take SR9 to Rockville, Utah. Travel south across the Grafton Bridge on Bridge Road. Turn right on the paved Grafton Road and drive 1.3 miles and turn left on the gravel Smithsonian Butte Road. Park on the left side of this road just past the turn.

Road to Horse Valley Trail

Road to Horse Valley Trail

The Trail

The trail follows the stream for 2.35 miles to the waterfall and has many fairly easy stream crossings.

It would not be wise to travel to the waterfall if there is a danger of heavy rain in the vicinity as you could be trapped by a flash flood.

GPS Track on Bing Map

GPS Track on Bing Map

Here are some of the pictures we took.