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Leeds Trail in the Dixie National Forest

We stumbled on this trail by accident. It is unnamed and leaves from a primitive campground in the Dixie National Forest on the outskirts of Leeds Utah.

This is a fairly easy climb with spectacular views over Leeds and the surrounding valley.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 2 miles return – easy
Elevation gain: 580 feet – moderate
Terrain: wide trail packed sand and rocks – easy
Exposure: none – easy

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

Take exit 23 from the Interstate I15 and turn right onto Silver Reef Road. Follow the paved Silver Reef Road for 1 mile where it changes to the Oak Grove Road.

Follow the paved Oak Grove Road ½ mile where the pavement ends at a bridge and the Dixie National Forest begins.

From here follow the gravel forest road 032 up the hill bearing right at an intersection a short ways along. Continue on road 032 to a primitive campground as you turn the corner exactly 2.0 miles from the Interstate.

Directions from I15 to Dixie National forest

Directions to the Trail along the National Forest Road

Trail Parking

For a one page printout of the directions to this trail click Directions to the Leeds Trail

The Trail

The trail consists of a 1 mile loop with a ½ mile spur trail off the far end which takes you to the summit.
It is best to travel the trail in a counter clockwise direction as this takes you up a more gradual slope than the descent.

The trail is wide with hard packed sand and rocks. The only tricky part is on the way down which is fairly steep in one place and could be slippery if wet.

The spur trail ends at the summit near several large rocks. There is a smaller trail out around the point and then down and up a hill to the southwest. There is no distinct trail up this last hill but it is fairly easy to climb.

Trail to the Summit

Here are some of the pictures we took on the trail.