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Quail Creek Reservoir – East Overlook

This trail gives an excellent vantage point looking over the Quail Creek Reservoir and 360 degree panoramic views of the surrounding areas. To the East is Sandstone Mountain, the Sky Mountain Golf Course, the majestic Cliffs of Zion National Park, the City of Hurricane, and Volcano Mountain. To the South is the Sand Hollow Reservoir. To the West are the colorful cliffs of the Virgin Anticline towering over the Quail Creek Reservoir. To the North West are the red sandstone hills of the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve and the distant Pine Valley Mountains.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 2.7 to 4.2 miles depending upon going the added routes – easy
Elevation gain: 280 feet – easy
Terrain: mostly wide gravel trail – easy
Exposure: none – easy

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

From Interstate I15 take exit 16 to State Road 9 east towards Hurricane. If coming from the east take SR9 west to Hurricane 5300W.

The road to the trailhead branches off the Quail Lake Road, 5300W, on the south side of the water treatment plant, 0.3 miles from SR9. This road follows the south and east fence around the plant and then turns east to the trail, a total distance of 0.8 miles. Follow the Scout Camp signs once you turn off 5300W.

Driving Directions to the Trailhead

Driving Directions to the Trailhead

The Trail

The trail travels uphill from the start to the top of the east end of the main dam. From there it travels gradually uphill to the marked overlook point. The distance from the trailhead to the overlook is about 0.8 miles.
The trail then goes downhill to the secondary dam. The distance from the overlook to the far side (north side) of the secondary dam is about 0.6 miles.

From the north end of the secondary dam you can climb the rocky ridge to the high point being about 3/4 mile.

You can descend the road on the east side of the dam to the base of the ridge to view several petroglyphs.

There is also a secondary branch trail near the overlook to a Virgin River overlook a distance of about 3/4 mile return.

Quail Lake Reservoir East Overlook Trail

Here are some of the pictures we took in October 2011.

Here are some pictures we took in January 2014.
Here are pictures of the petroglyphs