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Quail Lake Circuit, Hurricane, Utah

This is an off trail hike around the Quail Lake Reservoir in Hurricane, Utah.

From this route you have beautiful views of Quail Lake and the surrounding hills.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = moderate
Distance: 8 miles total – moderate
Elevation gain: ~950 feet (~1200 back to start) – difficult
Terrain: Generally open terrain with a few scrambles – moderate
Exposure: Fairly steep slickrock ascent – moderate

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

The traverse started at Joe’s Trail at the north end of Harrisburg Estates and followed Pistachio Canyon to the junction of the Quail Creek North Overlook Trail which is described here.

Trek Around the Quail Lake Reservoir

Trek Around the Quail Lake Reservoir

The Trail

From the peak of the Quail Creek North Overlook Trail there is a moderate descent into the valley beyond and up the opposite hill. Here you can either follow the canyon up the slope to the left or go directly up the slope to the right which was the route followed on this trek.

From here follow the ridges close to Quail Lake, passing through one more small valley, and then to the highest point on the route. There is a steep treacherous scramble down from this slope of 330 feet vertical elevation. On the way down head for a large boulder part way down then veer to the right beyond that to bypass a cliff. On the opposite side of the valley is an impassable rock wall except for one spot where the ground rises near the top of the wall. This can be easily scaled here.

From here follow several hills and valleys along the east side of Quail Lake until you finally arrive at the secondary lake dam. From here follow the well travelled trail to the south side of the main dam as described in the Quail Creek East Overlook trail here.

From here either walk back the road to the starting point or have someone pick you up and drive back.

Here are some pictures along the route.

Here are some pictures taken on April 11 2015.