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Red Man Pictograph, Fort Pearce, Utah

This famous pictograph is located on the cliff above the Hurricane Wash adjacent to the historic Fort Pearce.

There are also several other petroglyph panels on the cliffs along the way to the Red Man.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 2 miles return – easy
Elevation gain: about 400 feet including climb to Red Man and cliff climb on return = easy
Terrain: sandy rocky trail with some brush – moderate
Exposure: none – easy

The ascent to the Red Man pictograph is strenuous and not for those who fear heights.

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

From Washington City go south on the Washington Fields Road, E300S, 5.5 miles. Turn left onto the Warner Valley Road. Cross under the Southern Parkway, SR7, and travel 5.5 miles on the gravel road to the signed Fort Pearce. Turn right and park at Fort Pearce.

From Hurricane, the shortest route is 17.7 miles to Fort Pearce. From Main and State Streets travel south on 700 W and then onto 1100 W. From here follow gravel roads through Warner Valley to Fort Pearce. This route, while shorter, is a little over 10 miles on rough gravel roads. You will also need GPS navigation if you are not familiar with these back country roads.

The other route from the same location in Hurricane is via the Southern Parkway, 22.9 miles. Travel west to Sand Hollow Road, 4300 W, and south to the Parkway. Turn right and follow the Parkway to the Warner Valley Road exit. Leaving the pavement, travel east on the Warner Valley road 5.5 miles to the signed Fort Pearce. Turn right and park at Fort Pearce.

The Trail

From the Fort Pearce parking lot scramble down into the Hurricane Wash. Follow the base of the cliffs west for about 1 mile. The Red Man is in a rock alcove high up on the cliff (GPS N37.00683, W113.42985).

You can reach the Red Man by a steep ascent up the cliff from below.

On the return route there is an obvious trail up to the top of the cliff. Take this and return via high ground to the Fort and then to the parking lot. On the return, if you stay close to the edge you will cross two scenic washes. Alternatively you can skirt the left hand edge of these washes.

Red Man Pictograph Trail

Red Man Pictograph Trail

Here are some pictures taken on February 29, 2016.