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Rockville Flats, Utah

Rockville Flats is the large elevated area above Rockville, Utah. This is a very scenic area with views over Rockville and Huber Wash. There is a large amount of petrified wood on the flats.

Overall rating = moderate

Distance: 5.0 miles – moderate
Elevation gain: ~550 feet – moderate
Terrain: Hard packed sand and rock – easy
Exposure: high cliff edges which can be traversed away from the edge – moderate

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

The trail starts at the upper end of Anasazi Way between Rockville and Springdale.

If coming from Rockville, turn left onto Anasazi Way 1.1 miles east of Bridge Street in Rockville. Anasazi Way is just around a sharp bend on SR9 where there is a left turn lane.

If coming from Springdale Anasazi Way is 1.6 miles west of the Chevron Gas Station in Springdale.

Travel up Anasazi Way 1.3 miles to a parking area just past the second bridge. The trail starts across the road from the parking area. (GPS 37.16655, 113.03213)

The Trail

There is a path beside the house which goes to an access road a short distance behind the house. Follow this road for about 1 mile where you will see a bicycle trail off to the left. There should be a cairn at this junction.

This trail first dips down and up through a wash and then travels across the flats to the rim edge. You can follow the rim around passing above Huber Wash and then Rockville. The bicycle trail follows a large loop out around another promontory but at this point we traveled cross country to join the trail near the wash previously traveled. Following. The entire bicycle trail would probably add another mile to the hike.

Here are some of the pictures we took on March 13, 2018.