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Shaw Woods

The Shaw Woods Trail is an easy hike through old growth forests in Eastern Ontario Canada.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 2.2 miles – easy
Elevation gain: <100 feet - easy Terrain: Wide hard packed trail - easy Exposure: None - easy To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

Take Highway 41 north through the village of Eganville and travel 8 miles skirting the northeastern shore of Lake Doré. Just before the Snake River Bridge, turn right onto Bulgar Road and travel about 1 mile to the parking lot on the right, 2065 Bulgar Road. The GPS of the parking lot is 45.630545,-77.062654.

The Trail

This is an easy family hike of about 2.2 miles total length.

The trail system includes the Old Growth Loop trail, the Trillium Loop Trail, the Great Gully connecting trail to Basswood Road and the Pinery Trail which connects Basswood Road with the return leg of the Old Growth Trail.

The Old Growth Loop Trail, 1.5 miles total length, passes through a protected area of old growth forest consisting mainly of many large maple trees forming a high canopy, numbers of large pines, and an assortment of other trees including beech, basswood, ash, and birch. The trail is wide and fairly level easy walking.

The Trillium Loop Trail which branches off the Old Growth Trail is just over 0.5 miles in total length. A short distance from the start it passes along a boardwalk over a beautiful swamp. The swamp is quite picturesque bordered with an assortment of wild flowers with the swamp covered with a deep green slime. The trail then heads uphill through a large stand of beech trees.

The Great Gully Trail traverses the north east edge of a large swamp with numerous birds and wildflowers. After about 0.25 miles this trail connects to the Basswood Road where you turn left heading up hill to the junction of the Pinery Trail.

The Pinery Trail returns to the parking lot traversing the ridge above the Great Gully Trail and swamp, passing through two large plantings of red pines, and finally joining the return Old Growth Loop Trail a short distance from the parking lot. The total distance from where the Great Gully Trail joins the Basswood Road to the parking lot is about 0.5 miles.

These are some of the pictures that we took.