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Silver Reef Mines – Babylon

There were numerous mines along the Silver Reef in the Babylon area of Hurricane, Utah, in the late 19th century. This silver deposit was unique in the world with silver ocurring in a sandstone formation.

All of these mines have either been barricated or filled in so that you cannot enter but it is interesting to visit the area and in some of the mines you can see through the grating into the interior shaft. A powerful flashlight would be useful in visiting these mines.

The trail up to and along the Silver Reef offers great views of the surrounding territory.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = moderate

Distance: about 2 miles total – easy
Elevation gain: <200 feet - easy Terrain: scaling rocky terrain with no trail - difficult Exposure: large dropoffs along the reef - moderate To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

If travelling north-east on Interstate I15, take exit 22 onto S Main Street in Leeds, Utah and proceed north-east through Leeds. If travelling south-west on Interstate I15 take exit 23, turn left on Silver Reef Drive going under I15 to N Main Street and turn left heading north-east.

Travel north-east out of Leeds to gravel road 900 N which is marked with a brown sign. This road veers south into Babylon and ultimately ends at the historic Stormont Silver Mill on the Virgin River, a distance of 4.3 miles.

The best place to park is at the East Reef Parking spot a short ways beyond the steep descent to the Historic babylon Trailhead.

Directions from I15 to the Babylon Road 900N

Babylon Road to Historic Babylon Trail

Babylon Road from the Historic Babylon Trail to the Silver Reef

Road Condition

The road to the Sand Mountain parking area from the Leeds turnoff descends gradually and is quite rough and sandy in places. A high clearance vehicle may be needed to travel this road. Also this road can be sand covered in places making it difficult to return as the return is uphill. The main road which continues on to the Virgin River and the historic Stormont Silver Mill is steep and rocky and requires a 4 wheel drive vehicle or ATV.

For a one page printout of the directions to this trail click Directions to the Silver Reef Mines in Babylon

The Trail

The best access to the Silver Reef Mines is from the East Reef parking area a short ways beyond the Historic Babylon Trailhead.

Take the East reef trail a short distance and then climb up to the ridge along one of the ridges leading up to the main ridge.

Explore along the Silver Reef in both directions finally ending to the south end of the reef overlooking Hurricane. Climb down to the East Reef Trail which is visible below and return to the parking area along this trail.

The mine locations along the ridge can be easily spotted by their adjacent tailings piles.

View of the East Reef parking area and the Silver Reef

Aerial View of Two Tailings Piles

Here are some pictures of the Reef, the mines, the tailings piles, and the surrounding area.