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Trail Ratings

For our purposes the trails are rated as Easy, Moderate, or Difficult.

Four factors are used in this determination

1. Distance (total):
Easy = <4 miles; Moderate = 4 to 8 miles; Difficult = >8 miles.

2. Elevation gain:
Easy = <400 feet; Moderate = 400 to 800 feet; Difficult = >800 feet.

3. Terrain:
Easy = wide hard packed trail;
Moderate = trail with stones and roots and width of 2 to 3 feet;
Difficult= sand and mud on a narrow trail.

4. Exposure:
Easy = no drop steep offs or danger of serious injury from a fall;
Moderate = sloped drop offs with possible serious injury from falling;
Difficult = steep drop offs and risk of death from a fall.

These ratings are for a reasonably fit older adult.

The overall rating takes account of these four factors to arrive at a subjective assessment for the trail.