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Warner Ridge

Warner Ridge is a prominent sloping upthrust rock ridge that parallels the Southern Parkway near Washington City. It gives a scenic vantage point for viewing features to the east and west of the ridge.

The valley floor to the east of the ridge is a popular ATV and dirt bike riding area with an extensive network of trails. On weekends use care returning along these trails as they can be quite busy.

Overall rating = moderate

Distance: 3.5 miles – easy
Elevation gain: 770 feet – moderate
Terrain: Continuous rock climbing – difficult
Exposure: difficult on ascent and descent and in places on the ridge – difficult

To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

From SR9, State Street, in Hurricane take the Sand Hollow Road south for 4.8 miles to the Southern Parkway, SR7. This junction is just past the Sand Hollow Reservoir rock dam on your left.

Turn left and drive 3.3 miles west along the Southern Parkway to the Long Valley Road exit. Turn right on Long Valley Road, drive 0.1 mile and turn right onto the East Washington Dam Road. Drive 0.9 miles east and turn right
to go under the Southern Parkway.

After going under the Southern Parkway you will pass through a fence. Immediately turn right and keep to the right at every junction and park in a small parking area at the foot of Warner Ridge.

Directions to Warner Ridge

Directions to Warner Ridge

The Trail

From the parking lot climb the steep ridge following the fence line to reach the top of the ridge. You will have to pick your way up as sections are quite steep.

Follow the ridge which runs in a south westerly direction parallel to the Southern Parkway to the west.

The ridge line drops sharply to the west side. It is more gradual on the east side near the top but drops steeply below that. There is no trail. You have to find your way along either on the topmost rock ledge or slightly lower to the east.

We traveled about 1.7 miles along the ridge and then dropped down the east side where we could see an easement to get down. There were steeply sloping rock faces near the bottom which we had to skirt to find a break to work down through. The bottom of the ridge at this point was a sand wash. From here you travel cross country east to one of many off road vehicle trails back to the start.

These are some of the pictures that we took along the ridge.