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Water Canyon, Hildale, Utah

The Water Canyon north of Hildale, Utah is a moderately strenuous hike into a beautiful high narrow box end canyon. The upper reaches of this canyon can be reached by climbing up the waterfall and circling back along the west side of the canyon to a trail leading above.

This is a great hike for a hot summer day as the upper section is shaded and pleasantly cool.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = moderate

Distance: 3.0 miles return – easy
Elevation gain: ~800 feet – moderate
Terrain: soft sand and steep rocky slopes – difficult
Exposure: some sections are high above the canyon floor – moderate
To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Getting There

Travel to Hildale, Utah along Utah Highway SR59. Turn east into Hildale on Utah Avenue and travel 2 miles east along this street to Canyon Street which runs north around the bend at the end of Utah Avenue. Drive 1 mile to Water Canyon Road on the right. From here drive 2 miles to a parking area just past a small water reservoir.

Hildale Utah Avenue to Water Canyon Road

Hildale Utah Avenue to Water Canyon Road

Water Canyon Road

Water Canyon Road

Road Condition

Water Canyon Road is mainly gravel and sand with some fairly heavy sand sections. This road might be difficult to navigate during wet weather. It was dry the day we travelled to the canyon and we had no difficulty with the road condition.

The Trail

The first section of the trail is wide and sandy. About 1/3 of the way along you encounter many up and down hill sections some of which are quite rocky and difficult to climb. Most of this upper section is fairly high above the canyon bottom.

This is a very popular hike for residents of Hildale and we met many hikers along the trail.

Here are some pictures taken along the trail.