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Willis Creek – Skutumpah Road

Willis Creek Slot Canyon is a beautiful curved slot canyon with easy access from the road.

The Skutumpah Access road travels through remote country and follows the Pink and White Cliff terraces of the Grand Staircase.

Trail Rating

Overall rating = easy

Distance: 2 miles total – easy
Elevation gain: <100 feet - easy Terrain: Wet gravel trail through the canyon - easy Exposure: None -easy To see the trail rating system used here see Trail Rating System

Road Condition

From the north end, Skutumpah Road goes up a long sandy rise for the first mile and should only be traveled in dry conditions. The sandy road may be impassible when wet or if it has not been recently graded. In such case a 4 wheel high clearance vehicle would be needed.

Getting There

If you are driving from Hurricane, Utah, you can take SR9 through Zion National Park and then take Highway 89 north to Glendale. Turn right on 300N (Bench Road) and follow the graded dirt road 15.9 miles to where it intersects with the Skutumpah Road. Take the Skutumpah road north 30.5 miles to Willis Creek. This route from Hurricane, while shorter by 25 miles than going around through Cannonville, takes an extra hour because of the gravel roads.

If you are driving from SR12 go to Cannonville and turn south toward Kodachrome Basin on the Kodachrome Basin road. Follow this road for 2.9 miles to the Skutumpah Road. This road is signed to Bull Valley gorge.

Follow the Skutumpah road 6.2 miles to the trailhead in a wide area just before crossing the shallow and small flowing Willis Creek. There is a junction a mile or so before Willis creek where the road splits. Stay left on road #500.

The Bull Valley Gorge is a further 1.7 miles along this road.

Hurricane to Willis Creek via Glendale 300N

Hurricane to Willis Creek via Cannonville

For a one page printout of the directions click Directions Willis Creek Canyon

The Trail

From the parking area it is only a short walk to the start of the canyon. You walk through the beautiful slot canyon through a shallow stream but you can generally stay dry by going from one side to the other. The stream was only an inch or two deep when we were there in September.

These are some of the pictures that we took.